Monday, 16 January 2017

Beat the Monday Blues - Plan a Staycation or simply have a cup of Tea!

Never mind the gloomy weather.  If it's not for Blue Monday, I'd probably feel more positive about today.

But the third Monday of the year (that's 16th January this year) aka Blue Monday is reported to be the most depressing day of the year. With the New Year in full swing, diets and fitness routines beginning and the gloomy weather dampening our spirit, it is no wonder many are feeling down in the dumps.
Salcombe Pocket Square in 100% silk twill with hand-rolled hems by David Watson, available at
 David Watson collaborates with local artists creating classic British designs made in Britain.
Image is originally by Claire Henley who painted the scene after sevel holidays with her family in Salcombe sailing, in South Devon, UK.  She uses an acrylic paint to create a variety of textures bringing the harbour alive.
Clayton John Ainger, a motivational speaker and author of best-selling book The Ego’s Code, describes how negativity is in fact, a very natural and normal process. “By labelling negativity as bad, we provide it with more fuel. By changing our perspective on negativity and the meaning behind it will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your life. Feeling down is not meant to hinder you, it is there to learn from, so embrace your negativity and move on,” he says.

So to beat the Monday blues, some of us would opt to book a sunny break or a holiday at this time of the year when travel agents and airlines are offering great deals.  Getting time away from the daily grind of work and commute can help break our stress cycle, surely and help promote positivity.

But if our bank balance doesn’t allow for an extravagant vacation abroad, especially with the weakening British Pound Sterling, how about a long weekend away and take a rural escape from city life.  Judging from artist Claire Henley's acrylic painting of the Salcombe Harbour (see image above), a "staycation" to South Devon in the UK can do the trick nicely.

Apparently even having a cup of tea can improve our sense of "wellth".
A Tea Caddy from to store your specialty, or favourite teas. 
According to experts, tea has a range of psychological and physical health benefits that can improve our wellbeing. Used for centuries across the world to help with relaxation, improve spirituality, nourishment and healing, speciality teas have a range of exciting ingredients that promote health. 
“Studies reveal that tea can increase blood flow, lower anxiety and improve sleep quality and blends such as peppermint, rooibos and green can fight against insomnia, regulate blood sugar and stimulate your metabolism”, explains Paresh Thakkar, founder of 

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