Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Melissa Curry celebrates "Success" with inspiring jewellery

The bold designs of Melissa Curry's jewellery are inviting.  On display at her stand at the (just concluded) SCOOP International contemporary designer fair in London a couple of days ago, I felt the urge to feel and touch the colourful acrylic shapes.

Melissa encouraged me to experience the tactile and playful qualities of her designs.  Some look like pieces of candies, with mobile and adjustable pieces while others are tribal and provocative in their unique shapes and vibrancy.

But soon I was also intrigued to learn about another totally different collection which Mellisa launched a year ago.  

The quietly elegant range is called “Success”, designed as a gift for a woman who you want to inspire, encourage, or celebrate. 
According to Melissa, the "Success" range was launched when she had arrived at a personal point in time and it felt right for her to commemorate that special moment. 

In recognising that “success” carries a different meaning to the individual, the designer hopes the range – intended as a unique and timely gift for women and girls - will help the individual to celebrate important thresholds of the person’s life, be it a graduation, a wedding, a medical moment or a turning point in one’s career.  

The collection comprises bracelets and necklaces in sterling silver or rose gold. The Success amulet is modeled after gold and silver bullion, a bar of wealth and strength that reminds the wearer to care for herself and strive for her own independence and success.  Each Success piece comes in a small pouch accompanied by a Melissa Curry infinity tag, on which to inscribe a wish or hope.

The Success jewellery collection is also an emotive call-to-action and forms part of the designer’s campaign for women to share their own story on #Beyourownsuccess

Over a 1500 women have given or received Success since its launch, according to Melissa. The first three Success bracelets were presented to one of Melissa’s own greatest inspirations: the  First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama and her two daughters, Malia and Sasha.  Michelle Obama’s own personal strength and commitment to women’s success around the world, was inspiring to Melissa.  Another was Arianna Huffington, who also received a Success bracelet directly from the designer.

With Valentine’s Day and Mothering Sunday coming up, the Success range seems appropriate gifts to provide  encouragement and support to those special women who believe in their hopes and dreams and with to celebrate their own meaning of success in life.  

All photos by Lucia Carpio for My Fashion Connect.

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